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Service Dog Training

How can a service dog help? What do service dogs need? Phenomenal Canine is here to help!

Through our program we will cover task training, public access, and how to stand up for your rights.


What does my dog need?

Alfie the Service Dog is posing for a photo.

Foundation Skills

Dogs looking to join our program should have the foundational skills of obedience training. Our group classes and private lessons can help create a this strong foundation that your dog will need in order to become a Phenomenal Service Dog. Dogs must have a strong foundation with sit, down, stay, come, leave it, and loose leash walking for the safety of the handler and the public.

AKC Canine Good Citizen

Once a dog has demonstrated their foundational skills we require every potential service dog to obtain and pass the AKC CGC test. Our CGC prep class is tailored to help you and your dog build the required skills for the test. 

  • How much does service dog training cost?
    The pricing varies depending on each dog however the cost can range between $5,000-10,000 USD. We do offer financing through LendingUSA with a six month no interest option.
  • What can a service dog help with?
    Service dogs can help with a variety of disabilities. Here at Phenomenal Canine we specialize in psychiatric service dogs but can also help with other types of service dog. Service dogs can be utilized for folks with PTSD, diabetes, autism, anxiety, POTs, and more.
  • Does my service dog need to be certified?
    Service dogs do not need to be certified in the USA however some handlers find that having the backing of a program helps with access issues. We provide lifetime support of our dogs.
  • Can you train my emotional support animal?
    Here at Phenomenal Canine we are happy to train your ESA however an ESA is different from a service dog. ESAs cannot fly with you in cabin and cannot go into stores. Reach out to us today about service dog training!
  • How long does service dog training take?
    Service dog training can take anywhere between 1-3 years depending on the dog. Our package covers training through this process and we assist with training right away.
  • Can you guarantee that my dog will be a service dog?
    Unfortunately because we are working with living breathing animals who have their own needs, wants, and behaviors we cannot guarantee that any dog will pass training. However with our milestones that we require it's much easier to determine whether or not a dog is suitable for the work.
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