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Meet Our Team


My Training Philosophy

I believe in fitting the training style to the dog and LIMA. The Association of Pet Dog Trainers describes LIMA as Least Intrusive-Minimally Aversive. My goal is to make sure that you can effectively communicate with your dog and that you are equipped with the knowledge to tackle any issues after our sessions.

We will find out what works best for both you and your dog! What may work for one dog may not work for another and I want all my clients to be equipped with the knowledge they need in order to "speak dog" and succeed!

Selena Johnson CPDT-KA FDM

Animals offer more than just a friendly face after a long day. I believe that dogs can change lives and through teamwork our existence can be bigger than just ourselves. I am also a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers and a certified Family Dog Mediator. I specialize in service dog training for disabled folks.

I am a disabled dog trainer who specializes in basic and advanced obedience. I am hoping to also help others train their own service dog for their disabilities. I've been helping others train their dogs for 4 years from chihuahuas to great danes! 

I continuously take courses through Suzanne Clothier, Fenzi Dog Sports Academy, Grisha Stewart, and more. With over 300 hours of experience training dogs and hands on hours at the shelter.



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