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The Puppy Blues (Applies to Adults too!)

Raising a dog isn't all puppies and kittens ironically. Despite what social media shows raising a puppy is hard tiring work that often leaves you without sleep and frustrated. Then creeps in the guilt of being frustrated and upset that you have this tiny creature to take care of that just takes and takes and takes.

Don't worry.

It's actually fairly common that new dog owners feel defeated and upset that their new dog isn't meeting their expectations. Often referred to online as "The Puppy Blues" it's a feeling that is often paired with thoughts of re-homing or not so nice things. No one really talks about all the hard work and instead you just see pages and pages of cute puppies doing puppy things. No one talks about how that same puppy peed on the floor 6 times that day or pulled so hard that their arm is sore and aching. I think talking about the frustrations and the hard feelings can help prepare people who are interested in adding to their family and also lessen the guilt that existing pet parents have about their dog. Despite the nasty thoughts you may have just remember that you don't have to act on them. Its okay to send your puppy to daycare to give you a break or even just crating them for an hour to give you some peace.

The good thing? It really does get better with work. Your puppy will stop peeing everywhere, you will get them to walk nicely, and you will have those Instagram photo moments with your dog. It takes some time, some tears, some sweat and plenty of emotions but you'll get through this. I know you can.

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